If you live in Service Family Accommodation please visit Pinnacle Service Families to learn more about FDIS and how to raise a repair in your home; or call 0800 031 8628.

Social Value and VIVO

At VIVO, we understand the importance of social value and are committed to supporting the communities in which we operate.

Social Value

Our holistic approach positively engages the defence community to address social issues, creating employment and training opportunities, whilst bringing social and economic benefits to local communities.

Through our collective commitment, captured in our ‘Commit to Enable’ promise we will: 

  • Work collaboratively with SME’s, Service Partners, Local Authorities and Charities, combining the strengths of  VIVO and local and national organisations to maximise impact.
  • Target at least 20% of new recruits to have a military connection and provide a guaranteed interview scheme for Armed Forces leavers.
  • Establish a VIVO Apprenticeship Programme and coordinate activities with local schools, colleges and universities to support the employment and development of citizens within the local communities we work
  • Provide clarity to our Service Partners and local SMEs, so they can proactively recruit, secure resources and grow their businesses