We are committed to operating to the highest ethical standards

Our values of being Open, Caring, Agile and Collaborative reflect this, provide direction and ensure we are compliant with all regulatory and legal requirements.

They also help us to remain sensitive to the environments in which we work.

Every member of VIVO works to a Code of Conduct which goes beyond a list of required behaviours or obedience to laws and regulations. 

This empowers our people to take positive steps, ensuring we are accountable as individuals and as an organisation

We operate within a VIVO Management System (VMS), the framework that shows how we deliver services to our customers as well as the rules governing how we operate and deliver our strategy and behaviours.

We will: 

  • Provide a working environment where our values, policies and code of conduct are actively supported and understood.
  • Compete legally and ethically, ensuring we promote competition in business, protect our customers’ interests and avoid any conflict of interest.
  • Never falsify records or misrepresent facts.
  • Record and report information about our business accurately, honestly and transparently.
  • Not make irregular payments or payments in kind to win business, encourage others to act improperly or influence decisions.
  • Not participate in any form of corrupt behaviour.
  • Not give or receive bribes, facilitation payments, or gifts or hospitality that may improperly influence a business decision or judgement.
  • Respect internationally recognised human rights laws and standards and not take part in or benefit from activity that breaks any human rights law.
  • Not engage in modern slavery or human trafficking or use forced, compulsory, illegal or child labour, or knowingly work with anyone who does.
  • Only work with partners, third parties and customers who share our ethical standards.
  • Encourage everyone to seek help and advice if they are unsure about what to do, or concerned that our values, policies or code are being violated.
  • Provide confidential safe reporting channels and grievance mechanisms to report potential violations.
  • Implement remedial actions within a reasonable timeframe if any wrongdoing or failures have been identified.