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VIVO | Built for change

Committed to enabling Defence capability and modernising the lived experience for our Armed Forces to achieve, grow and thrive.

Why VIVO Defence?

VIVO, a 50:50 joint venture between Serco and EQUANS, has been awarded places on the Defence FM and Housing Maintenance framework contracts.

VIVO embodies both experience and innovation. Our parents, Serco and EQUANS, are industry-leading FM specialists who provide lived wisdom of Defence and market leading regeneration capabilities.

Together, we bring a deep understanding and appreciation of the military’s ethos, culture, operational practices and structures to create an organisation that will work side by side with our partners, customers and service users to achieve their goals.

Our purpose is to modernise the lived experience for our Armed Forces to achieve, grow and thrive. There is one other element that will be critical to the success of our joint venture – our culture. Our ‘Commit to Enable’ culture is centred around the commitments we make every day to enable Defence Capability.

VIVO. Built for Change.

Our story so far

Serco and EQUANS together


We are a company that exists to manage the built estate in which the Armed Forces LIVE, WORK and TRAIN.

We also provide a fresh approach combining the best of Serco and EQUANS experience and innovation in Asset Optimisation, Housing maintenance, Technology, Regeneration, Energy.

A deep understanding of MOD culture, ethos, structure and practice through 59 years of service delivery to the MOD. A technology enabled commitment to improving customer satisfaction levels, asset efficiency and user productivity, through a whole force approach.

Embedded within MOD to serve all customers through our community and social value initiatives.

Deployment of a market leading asset management approach that puts data at the heart of everything we do.

Investment in innovative technologies to deliver asset performance and reduce cost. Investments to enable the MOD to meet its sustainability commitments.

VIVO Vision and Values

VIVO is committed to enabling Defence capability through maintaining and enhancing the built estate in which our Armed Forces live, work and train.

VIVO values icons of caring, open, collaborative and agile

We care about our customer, our people and the environment.

We work openly and with integrity, harnessing a culture of trust.

We work together to share insight, solve problems and innovate.

We are flexible and can adapt to changing needs.