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EQUANS has extensive experience in the design, financing, building and operating of low carbon energy saving and generation schemes across the world. This gives VIVO access to unrivalled experience and capability to help meet the MOD Zero Carbon and Sustainability ambitions.

EQUANS managed into delivery the 5 MW Tunbridge Wells solar park, providing enough energy for 1,400 homes and saving c.20,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

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EQUANS is a Leading UK provider of FM, housing and low carbon energy across Defence, Government, and Private Sector. A leading innovator in SMART building technology, EQUANS helps maximise asset performance, reduce operational costs, improve MI and enhance the user experience.

EQUANS is the 2019 #1 independent energy provider and #1 in the FM sector sustainability performance which gives VIVO access to unrivalled experience and capability to help meet the MOD Zero Carbon, service familiy and Sustainability ambitions.

EQUANS has extensive experience in design, finance, and the building and operation of infrastructure, as well as low carbon energy schemes and services at scale, across the world. VIVO draws on these expertise to develop highly efficient and cost-effective services to the MOD.

  • 25 million sqm managed space c.£1.5 bn FM revenues in the UK 

  • £750m defence revenues globally

  • 2.2 GW low carbon energy generated in UK

  • £3.3Bn revenues in the UK, £60Bn globally in energy and support services

  • Manage and maintain 100,000 homes.